Our Faux Leather Products

Faux Leather For GARMENT

Faux Leather For Garment

Our product range consist %100 PU, PU-PVC and HIGH SOLID contents that which can be coating over the woven and knitted fabrics such as cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, cotton-polyester mixtured fabrics.

Faux Leather For BAGS

Faux Leather For Bags

Our company is very specialised in the bag sector we have got wide product range for bag application. It's possible to test any of our products in our qualified laboratory and with our Research and Development team and.

Faux Leather For FOOTWEAR

Faux Leather For Footwear

Human being never give up of footwear.

Our company start with that based source to reach and requested quality in footwear and we have got wide product range for footwear which.

Faux Leather For LifeStyle

Faux Leather For LifeStyle

Artificial leather today may not be Can you tell the "difference?" but Do you care? Penche's accessories collection ranges from faux leather belts and wallets to football covers and bookbinding and, for awhile now, our synthetic leather accessories have been confusing consumers in the best kind of way:Their high-end detailing, quality construction.

Faux Leather For UPHOLSTERY

Faux Leather For Upholstery

We are producing upholstery fabrics under PLUS brand name and it is growing up parallel together with furniture sector.Our upholstery fabric products addresssing especially considering to meet European customers requierements.

Faux Leather For MARINE

Faux Leather For Marine

Penche Faux Leather ensure optimum use, durability and appearance. These highly advanced materials, in conjunction with modern digital manufacturing techniques ....

Who we are ?

We are a leading manufacturer of Faux Leather, Faux Leather for garment, Faux Leather for bag, Faux Leather for footwear, Faux Leather for bookcover, Faux Leather for upholstery and Faux Leather for marine.

Faux leather is one of several names given to artificial leather,synthetic leather, imitation Leather, man made leather.

With 12,000 sq m of factory floor, Sahinler Tekstil Urunleri-- under the brand name Penche-- is one of Turkey leading PU and PVC-based faux leather producers. Based in Istanbul, Penche has more than 35 years of experience producing artificial leather for the industrial, residential, decorative and contract markets, making materials for furniture producers, fabric wholesalers, hotels and bars,conference halls, hospitals, yachts and marinas, as well as apparel, footwear, bags and accessories for the fashion industry.